real estate transactions 4

Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Joel H. Demayo and Lorraine Demayo, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 736 Limestone Rd., $173,000, 09/03/19

Nathan Joshua Wallace and Brandi Smith Wallace, Jordan Heath and Kelsey Brown, 121 Old Kentucky Way, Midland City, $148,000, 09/03/19

Carolyn Maddox aka Sara C. Maddox, Daniel L. Petterson, 303 Jeff St., $14,500, 09/03/19

Jamey C. Goodwin, Jamey C. Goodwin and Tiffany Brown, 7838 Willie Varnum Rd., Cottonwood, $182,000, 09/03/19

Michelle Stephenson, Richard J. Parrish and Susan M. Parrish, 517 Gladstone Way, $53,000, 09/03/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Robert Cole and Brandy Cole, 147 Firefly Court, $212,777.80, 09/03/19

Samuel Talley Bagwell, SB Land LLC, 30 foot ingress/egress easement, Cowarts, $500, 09/03/19

Phillip Tidwell, individually and as personal representative of Timothy Charles Dennis, deceased, Michele Parra and Joe Parra, Lot 69, Block “B” of Autumn Crest Subdivision, $131,500, 09/03/19

Susan L. Morgan and William W. Morgan, Jennifer Freeman and Tom Freeman Jr., 273 Crawford Rd., Cowarts, $225,000, 09/03/19

Rebecca Sellers, SB Land LLC, 14.44 acres on North Broad Street, Cowarts, $35,000, 09/03/19

Kristina McKnight, Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 14233 W. U.S. Highway 84, Newton, $61,796.42, 09/03/19

Brian Keith Simerly and Sian Simerly, Planet Home Lending LLC, 124 Providence Rd., Slocomb, $171,042, 09/03/19

James Scott Powell and Alyson Stephenson Powell, Zachary M. Payne and Elizabeth M. Payne, 305 Bent Oak Dr., $255,000, 09/03/19

Ted P. McClendon and Melinda S. McClendon, Alan Boyd Clark II and Mary Kristyn Clark, 3204 Foxridge Rd., $470,000, 09/03/19

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, Jeremy Wise and Lindsey Wise, 531 Cypress St., Webb, $82,500, 09/03/19

Richmond David Ward and Winnie Lee Mathis Ward, Robert Floyd Park, 294 Vining Dr., $153,000, 09/03/19

Robert Brodhagen and Kelli Amanda Brodhagen, Jonathan C. Dawkins, 112 Sundance Lane, Midland City, $140,000, 09/03/19

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Richard Shane Blanton and Kati Lea Blanton, 174 Ridgecrest Loop, $280,708, 09/03/19

Ann Lawrence, Mary F. Walker and LBJ Investments, 1800 Wallace Buie Rd., Webb, $47,571, 09/03/19

MMC Dothan LLC, Saftzof Ltd., 2821 Reeves St., $1,282,000, 09/03/19

Mackey Carroll LLC, Saftzof Ltd., corner of W. Bunche and Reeves streets, $165,000, 09/03/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Gretchen Wilson, 313 Courtland Dr., $190,032, 09/03/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, James R. Stephens and Leah I. Stephens, 400 Londonberry Dr., $182,300, 09/03/19

Linda Campbell, Cathy Lisenby, 802 Circleview Dr., $30,000, 09/03/19

Bishop Investments LLC, Sky Development Service LLC, 0 Moore Road, Lot 2, Block A, Buckhead Park Subdivision, $500,000, 09/03/19

Sky Development Service LLC, Insignificant LLC, 0 Moore Road, Lot 2, Block A, Buckhead Park Subdivision, $650,000, 09/03/19

Jason Raichart and Dedri Raichart, Stephen T. Maddox and Candice Livingston Maddox, 106 Plum Tree Way, $110,000, 09/03/19

Deloney Construction Inc., Stuart Justin Tate and April Michelle Tate, 218 Glen Oaks Dr., $273,000, 09/03/19

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, Gregory Charles Faulk, 1090 Bruner Rd., $52,500, 09/03/19

C&C Investments LLC, JKH Holdings LLC, 118 Adris Place, $675,000, 09/03/19

Susan Rigsby, trustee of Florence Collins Revocable Trust, Amy F. Cogdill, 2100 Cecily St., $105,000, 09/03/19

Mary S. Carmichael and Joel E. Carmichael, Bruce McNealy, 308 6 th Ave., $21,000, 09/03/19

Linda Ray Waters, Marilyn Cherry Chancey and Leslie Scott Chancey, 2649 Halls Mill Rd., $87,500, 09/03/19

Jackie L. Rister and Jane W. Rister, Brittney Kaye Bowers and Gabriel Castano, 541 S. Saint Andrews St., $64,900, 09/03/19

Benjamin N. Parrish and Katie T. Parrish, Steven F. Kornegay and Cynthia Kay Kornegay, 101 Lamont Circle, $111,000, 09/03/19

Chad Dean Development LLC, Patrick L. Adkinson, 6522 Eddins Rd., $45,000, 09/03/19

APCO Employees Credit Union, Meagan Marie Sharp and Karen Michelle Forehand, 495 Otter Pond Rd., Cottonwood, $32,000, 09/03/19

Sanders Construction Services LLC, Ronald Drue Pynes II, 106 Sugarberry Rd., $173,000, 09/03/19

J. Kevin Moulton, Nora Richardson, 1018 S. Lena St., $70,000, 09/04/19

William Joseph Michael III and Ashley K. Michael, Dudley B. Weber and Shirley S. Weber, 201 Shelby Lane, $167,500, 09/04/19

American Advisors Group, The Bradley Revocable Living Trust, 2001 E. Cottonwood Rd., $38,500, 09/04/19

Adam Christopher Searcy and Gina Searcy, Tracy Harris-Hinojosa, 1404 N. Park Ave., $70,000, 09/04/19

Thomas E. Houston and Paula Houston, Frank Robbins, 316 Cypressglade Lane, Midland City, $365,000, 09/04/19

John Darral Keys II and Madison Marie Keys, Christopher Mark Brackin, 208 Superior Dr., $149,900, 09/04/19

Dewey M. Dean and Lillian Jane Dean, David Keith Wells and Penny D. Wells, Wicksburg Road, Newton, $5,000, 09/04/19

Gregory A. Moring and Delana L. Moring, Tyler Christian Hill and Emily Elizabeth Hill, 128 Rosewood Dr., $160,000, 09/04/19

Michael A. Jerkins and Joseph D. Jerkins, Andre T. Curry, 121 Lawrenceburg Court, $175,000, 09/04/19

Larry E. Draughon, NewRez LLC f/k/a New Penn Financial LLC, 900 Campbellton Highway, $60,516, 09/04/19

Britton Keith Felch and Kaylee Elizabeth Felch, Justin Rich, 7681 South Rocky Creek Rd., Cottonwood, $83,000, 09/04/19

Austin Nowell, David Hasty, 103 Periwinkle Court, Taylor, $88,000, 09/04/19

Victoria N. Hughes and Jason Harris, Mary F. Walker and LBJ Investments LLC, 494 Charles Rd., Pansey, $145,161, 09/04/19

Jordan E. Unger and Jessica U. Benak, Melvin Flowers and Hazel Dubose, 370 Pine St., Gordon, $30,000, 09/04/19

Helms Farms Inc., David and Beatriz Rivet, 35 Rose Court, $265,000, 09/04/19

Christopher B. Hatcher, Jimmy and Michele Alphord, 5448 Lucy Grade Rd., Ashford, $71,000, 09/04/19

Kriser Homes South Inc., Robert William White and Luz Maria Delao White, 1638 Peacock Rd., Webb, $204,762, 09/04/19

Raymond Hicks Morris and Barbara A. Morris, Madeline Fay Ferrell, Omussee Road, $34,000, 09/04/19

AD&D LLC, Stephanie Wilson, 102 Coventry Court, $172,000, 09/04/19

Corey Brandon Burnette and Morgen Elaine Burnette a/k/a Morgan Elaine Burnette, Thomas and Alexia Gamble, 2601 Redmond Rd., $136,000, 09/04/19

Everett Construction Company Inc., Kevin Nicholas Kennedy, 377 Caravan Lane, Kinsey, $114,900, 09/04/19

Jearld Vinson and Charles D. Saunders, P5 LLC, 3276 Hartford Highway, $170,000, 09/04/19

Chad Dean Development LLC, Stan Smith Construction Company Inc., 6611 Eddins Rd., $22,500, 09/04/19

Chad Dean Development LLC, Stan Smith Construction Company Inc., 6789 Eddins Rd., $22,500, 09/04/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, David Carson Frencik, 111 Belhaven Dri., $193,645, 09/04/19

Christine S. Sketo, Southern Siding LLC, 712 S. State Hwy. 605, Taylor, $75,000, 09/05/19

Daniel Webster and Ashley Webster, Denise W. Whitehurst, 204 Hillman St., $64,500, 09/05/19

Christopher P. Castiglione, Timothy E. Metcalf, 1539 Denton Rd., $90,000, 09/05/19

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, Gabriel Hall, 203 Begonia Dr., Taylor, $61,150, 09/05/19

David Mauldin, Samuel L. Hancock, 1270 Middleton Rd., $172,300, 09/05/19

Linda Delarce Skvasik Green and Joseph George Skvasik, Timothy Earl Peterman and Robin Keith Peterman, 1107 Cynthia Dr., $37,000, 09/05/19

Ainsley W. Taylor and Grace B. Taylor, Mary Jo Price Griggs, 651 Sandstone Dr., $177,900, 09/05/19

Sue J. McCardle, Paul A. Drake, 3910 Memphis Church Rd., $100,000, 09/05/19

Alpine Development LLC, Gregory Alexander Moring and Delana Burgans Moring, 1424 Glen Lawrence Rd., Cowarts, $167,000, 09/05/19

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