Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Bayview Loan Servicing, Robert Carroll, 1039 Fountain St., $1,101, 09/04/18

Marion L. Harris, Marion L. Harris and wife Brenda O. Harris, parcel on Murphy Mill Road, $93,900, 09/04/18

Paul J. Motzenbecker, Jon Paul Edwards, 186 Ridgecrest Loop, $264,500, 09/04/18

Wayne Frier Home Center of Dothan, Corlein Davis and Richard Drysdale, 1643 Iris Road, $15,000, 09/04/18

Stone Martin Builders, Dewey S. Emfinger Jr. and Dewey S. Emfinger Sr., 115 Tablerock Court, $282,699, 09/04/18

Francis P. Zoccola and Mary E. Brown, Leland J. Palonen and Debbie S. Palonen, 107 Oakley Drive, Columbia, $196,000, 09/04/18

Lena Powe McDonald, Myra Smith Powe, 106 Ridge Road, $3,500, 09/04/18

3 G Construction, Francis P. Zoccola and Mary E. Brown, 126 Lizzy Court, Cowarts, $172,000, 09/04/18

Joseph Michael Moore and Vallie June Moore, James M. Newberry and Connie J. Newberry, 106 Haddington Park Lane, $310,000, 09/04/18

Alfred Saliba Corporation, William Travis Gosa, 209 Cotton Ridge Lane, $299,000, 09/04/18

Caroline Hall and Garrett Hall, Debra Branson and Ronald Branson, 322 Camberly Court, $195,000, 09/04/18

Joe E. Wyatt and Margaret A. Wyatt, Mary Saffold, 600 Florence St., $131,000, 09/04/18

Jenny L. Goodson and Keli Goodson Stiglich, Carol W. Owen Living Trust, 113 Whiffletree Way, $110,000, 09/04/18

Ron Pollard and Amie Pollard, Susie Patricia Howes and Ronald Earl Howes, 938 Windmill Road, Newton, $187,000, 09/04/18

Everett Construction Co., Sabrina Small, 150 Blazer Drive, Kinsey, $114,900, 09/04/18

Jacob D. Walker and Leah Brooke Walker, William M. Parker III and Holley B. Parker, 126 S. Cherokee Ave., $320,000, 09/04/18

Jorge L. Cambo, Maria Pillar Cortes De Cambo and Carlos A. Cambo Cortes, Susan Lynn Burch and Justin Daniel Armstrong, 117 Eufaula Drive, $145,000, 09/04/18

Jonathan D. Smith and Jennifer Smith, JG Enterprises, 208 Madison Ave., $82,000, 09/04/18

Jeremy Vinson and Valerie Vinson, John P. Moore Jr. and Juliana Moore, 15 Middlefield Lane, $750,000, 09/04/18

John H. Watson, David Mauldin, 513 Birchwood Lane, $16,000, 09/05/18

Walter M. Ellis and Morgan L. Ellis, Rosemarie T. Rich, 233 Morning Glory Lane, $215,300, 09/05/18

Rhonda Pipkin, Flowing Waters Investments, 1161 E. Selma St., $15,000, 09/05/18

Betty J. Wilson, Christine K. Wilson, 100 Trellis Court, $88,000, 09/05/18

Susan Wiggins, Jimmy and Jennifer Warden, 206 Remington Drive, $198,000, 09/06/18

J & J Farms, Steven A. Boutwell and Virginia B. Boutwell, Lot 5 Cobb Road, $69,000, 09/06/18

Emory L. Shepard and Rachel N. Shepard, Travis D. Brunson and Cheyanne Marie Brunson, 1759 S. State Highway 109, $233,000, 09/06/18

Willie Mack Wright, Roy V. Turner and Jennifer Denise Turner, 1427 Lake St., $2,500, 09/06/18

U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., Wiley L. McNeal, 195 Grotto Court, $24,500, 09/06/18

Estate of Emmett Lloyd Sellers, Roy Nolan Williams Jr., 54 Schaffer Road, Newton, $45,000, 09/06/18

Dan Lee Construction Co. Inc., Michael S. Gant and Amanda S. Gant, 40 Daffodil Court, $189,500, 09/06/18

Kriser Homes South Inc., Jacob E. and Lindsay Brooke Williamson, 7975 S. Park Ave, Taylor, $235,331.77, 09/06/18

Kevin Thomas McKnight and Stephanie Baxley McKnight, Rachel E. Brooks, 211 Kelso Lane, $250,000, 09/06/18

Dick’s Rentals, Ralph Jeffrey Epding, parcel on South Oates Street, $85,000, 09/06/18

Estate of Charles Bruce Brownlee, Ryan Kriser, 289 Butler Road, $85,000, 09/06/18

Jacob Williamson and Lindsay Brooke Williamson, Kevin Thomas McKnight and Stephanie Baxley McKnight, 1042 Blackmon Road, $145,000, 09/06/18

Emily Gholson Roberts Trust, Coastal Car Wash, Lot 1, Block B., Westbrook Retail Subdivision, $752,000, 09/06/18

Adam Shane Topoozian and Melrose Topoozian, William Joel Raley and Paula Hartzog Raley, 104 Tuscany Lane, $182,500, 09/06/18

Stephen Summerlin and Michelle Summerlin, Kenneth L. Butler, 200 Caravella Drive, $275,500, 09/06/18

Rhonda N. Lolley n/k/a Niki Lolley Capps, John Vaughn II and Libby Vaugh, 111 Cannondale Circle, Cowarts, $149,900, 09/06/18

William Joel Raley and Paula M. Raley, Ashton Blake Wallace and Olivia Carter Wallace, 117 Brockton Court, $159,000, 09/06/18

Walter J. Doty IV and Mary Elizabeth Wyatt Doty, Donald E. Smith Jr. and Jamie P. Smith, 102 Chantilly Place, $445,000, 09/06/18

Susan Armstrong, n/k/a Susan Powell, Joshua D. Rollins and Amanda K. Rollins, 404 Park St., Ashford, $119,900, 09/06/18

Joey DeCapua, Jacklyn Pate and Jarad DeCapua, Susan DeCapua, 732 S. St. Andrews St., Dothan, $15,000, 09/06/18

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