Government Oversight: Delays eased some at traffic jam hotspot

City officials and contractors discuss proposed Honeysuckle Road improvements with area residents at Westgate Recreation Center in November 2019.

Drivers are enjoying not getting jammed up quite as much at the two intersections on Dothan’s west side as they were before the city adjusted traffic signal timing in the area.

Public Works Director Charles Metzger said engineers made some adjustments to the timing of the signals during rush hour traffic to ease congestion at the intersection of Ross Clark Circle and U.S. Highway 84 West and 84 West/Honeysuckle intersection.

The improvement has been noticeable to many who frequently travel that area, but Metzger said the slight improvement is about as good as it’s going to get until the widening of Ross Clark Circle and 84 West takes place.

A third westbound lane is planned for Highway 84 and the Ross Clark Circle expansion will be six lanes from Fortner Street to U.S. Highway 231 South.

The Circle project is already underway and engineering services have been obtained to start the 84 expansion project.

Another road widening project to increase Denton Road to five lanes between Ross Clark Circle and Westgate Parkway has been delayed some due to cable and phone service providers in the area not moving their utilities.

The providers have had a year’s notice to move the equipment and the public works department is hoping they will complete the project soon so the Alabama Department of Transportation can move forward with soliciting bids. The projected cost to the city is $3.05 million.

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