As someone who’s never flown before, I had no idea what a fixed-base operator was before covering the story about Aero-One’s invitation to join a globally recognized network.

To my relief, others who had flown didn’t know what an FBO was either because most people don’t fly private aircraft. Most people who travel through Dothan’s regional airport travel via its general-aviation facility.

I was surprised to discover that Aero-One averaged 40 plane tickets per day. Who knew that many military officials, businessmen and travelers who charter planes landed or stayed in Dothan every day?

Aero-One’s new designation is important because it makes Dothan’s private terminal an attractive option to include on one’s flight plan. Now, others know the quality of service and amenities are consistent with the high level of standard that others in the Air Elite network exemplify.

The membership is not only a big win for the FBO and travelers, but it’s a big win for the entire Dothan area, which stands to benefit from travelers who may be more enticed to make Dothan either a stopping point or destination on their journey.

When visitors come to Dothan, even if only for a night, they patronize hotels, restaurants and shops, and bring money to local business owners. The local economy flourishes with an increase in sales and lodging tax collections. Jobs increase when businesses are doing well, and industry leaders who stop in town may find that Dothan is a viable place to open a manufacturing facility or business, which spurs more jobs.

The aviation industry is an economic engine in the Dothan area, and it is flying high.

Government Oversight, a government notebook compiled by reporter Sable Riley, appears on Mondays in the Dothan Eagle and at

Government Oversight, a notebook focusing on the governmental

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