Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver announced Wednesday that county buildings and most offices in them will reopen to the public Monday.

According to Culver, in the interest of public’s health and safety, there will be limitations on access and services offered. Culver urges residents to continue to utilize the county’s website, mail or drop box services when possible.

The following guidelines will be followed for the reopening of the Administration Building:

» Administration Building will open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Long lines are anticipated, and no one will be allowed to enter the line after 3 p.m.

» In an effort to dilute the flow of residents coming to transact business, tag renewals will be spread over several weeks with their renewal month assigned a specific week.

» Individuals entering the Administration Building will be asked to wear a face covering or mask in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Alabama Department of Public Health and governor’s guidelines.

» Only the person needing to conduct business will be allowed in the building.

» Those entering the building will be screened. Anyone with a higher than normal temperature will not be allowed inside and will be encouraged to see a medical professional.

Access to all county buildings and offices will be affected, such as the Houston County Courthouse.

The courthouse will be operational to some degree as directed by the Alabama Supreme Court. Information and access to the offices in the courthouse will be coming from the court system, with security in place to assist.

The Houston County Sheriff’s Office will continue operations as it has been for the past few weeks. Residents are encouraged to transact business online if possible.

Houston County Road and Bridge will return to its normal schedule Monday, with all staffers working a full schedule. No one will be allowed to enter the office at this time.

“We are doing everything we can to weigh the balance between safety for all and opening the county to transact the necessary business for its citizens,” Culver said. “We can’t keep our citizens, employees and families safe without your help.”

Houston County Probate Judge Patrick Davenport also urges everyone to utilize the county’s website to handle business. Davenport reminds everyone community tag clerk locations will remain closed until June 1.

Houston County Revenue Commissioner Starla Moss said the annual tax sale usually held in May has been moved to June. A date will be announced later.

For more information call 334-677-4740 or visit www.houston county.org.

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