KBC restaurant on Foster Street will expand under plans approved Thursday by the local Historic Preservation Commission.

The downtown restaurant KBC, owned by “Top Chef: Kentucky” winner Kelsey Barnard Clark, will soon expand by about 60 seats after the Historic Preservation Commission approved plans Thursday.

Architect Andrew Gosselin represented KBC’s request, which detailed plans for a 30-foot fenced-in area that extends into the green space beside the restaurant’s existing courtyard. Fifteen feet of the expansion will include a covered-porch area, while the other 15 feet will serve as a green space for a children’s play area, Gosselin said.

Gosselin said the covered porch area will include seating for about 60 people and concrete – likely decorative in nature – will serve as the porch’s foundation. The fencing and gates will mimic the iron work surrounding the current courtyard.

Gosselin said the work will impact one Japanese maple in the green space, which will likely be relocated.

Clark won the most recent iteration of “Top Chef” in March. The day after her victory was announced, the Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Authority approved a development deal that keeps KBC in the downtown area for the next 10 years.

In exchange, the DDRA provided more than $151,000 to help Clark revamp the restaurant.

In other action, the HPC approved a downtown building owner’s request to demolish the structure.

Rebecca Parrish said her family has encountered problems with vagrancy at the 101 East Crawford Street location in recent years. Building official Craig Walden deemed the structure was prime for demolition since it lacked a roof and posed potential safety and security issues.

Some HPC members questioned if the demolition of the structure would impact surrounding buildings, including a courtyard the Blue Moon Café plans to use for an eating area. HPC member Seaborn Wood IV, an architect, said it appears the walls are independent and should not impact other buildings, a statement Walden supported.

Parrish said she planned on hiring a contractor to handle the demolition and would have the contractor verify the wall placement.

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