Amos Newsome

District 2 Dothan Commissioner Amos Newsome

A resident of Dothan’s District 2 addressed the Dothan City Commission Tuesday and publicly asked for the resignation of Commissioner Amos Newsome.

Terry Laseter requested privileges to address the commission during Tuesday’s meeting to speak against proposed electric and sewer rate increases. During his remarks, he sought Newsome’s resignation.

Newsome has been under fire recently after multiple volunteers from his 2013 Dothan City Commission campaign were either convicted in trial or pleaded guilty to absentee voter fraud charges. Newsome edged challenger Lamesa Danzey by 14 votes in the 2013 race after outpacing Danzey in absentee ballots by a margin of 119-5.

Laseter said he attempted to contact all of the commissioners with the exception of Newsome to seek their position on the rate increase proposal. Laseter said the last time he tried to contact Newsome was in September when chief campaign volunteer Olivia Reynolds was convicted of 24 counts of voter fraud.

“I called and asked him to step down and he hung up on me,” Laseter said. “So, I’ll say it again. Please. Please, sir. Please resign. Please.”

Newsome did not respond during the meeting. When asked by the Dothan Eagle after the meeting if he wanted to respond to the comments, Newsome said “absolutely not.”

Newsome has made no public comments about the convictions of those who worked for his campaign.

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