Power Outage Map

Home and businesses inside the yellow circle will be affected by a scheduled power outage on Wednesday, Feb. 5. 

Residents along several miles of South Park Avenue and Taylor Road will experience a power outage for four hours Wednesday due to roundabout construction at the junction.

Alabama Power and Dothan Utilities are relocating power lines that will cause a temporary scheduled power outage along a good chunk of Taylor Road from Boxcar Lane to Campbellton Highway and on South Park Avenue from the entrance of the Hidden Creek neighborhood to shortly after Spaulding Road southbound.

All residents and neighborhoods that are connected to the two roads between those roads will be affected. A map is available for reference. All areas within the yellow circle will experience the outage.

The outage will take place from Wednesday, Feb. 5, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The city of Dothan urges residents to plan accordingly.

Work started several weeks ago on the construction of the intersection at South Park Avenue and Taylor Road in Dothan this week to turn the four-way stop into a roundabout.

Dothan Utilities will also be replacing water lines and will install storm drains in coming weeks.

Public Works Director Charles Metzger said that people traveling in that area should expect delays due to the construction over the next four to six months.

Resurfacing will not take place until a few months from now. Metzger said workers will try to keep the roads open as much as possible, but there will be times the intersection will need to shut down due to the construction. During that time, drivers will likely be rerouted to Fern Drive and through Taylor.

Problems with the intersection, which is currently mediated with stop signs on each leg, arose when traffic flow in the area increased several years ago. The city opened James Oates Park less than a mile from the intersection in 2017, and closed a popular cut-thru, Moore Road, in 2018 due to safety and flooding concerns.

City officials have observed 20 to 30 cars backed up in a single lane at the stop sign at times.

The roundabout project is a joint initiative with the Dothan City and Houston County Commission, who were brought together because of the two county roads that join inside the Dothan city limits.

Metzger said the roundabout was chosen for that area because of accident data for roundabouts in high-traffic locations are “way down” compared to two-way or four-way stops.

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