0731 Tuberville at Dothan Rotary


U.S. Senate candidate and former Auburn Tigers head football coach Tommy Tuberville speaks to the Dothan Tuesday Rotary Club at the Dothan Country Club Tuesday.

Tommy Tuberville’s address to the weekly Dothan Tuesday Rotary Club meeting oscillated between football stories and national policy ideas because he believes both subjects are related.

“As a senator or a congressman, you have got to sell yourself. The people have got to trust you,” he said. “What does that sound like? Coaching.”

Tuberville knows about both these days after declaring a run for a U.S. Senate seat a few months ago. The former Auburn Tigers head coach noted campaigning reminds him of recruiting athletes for his football teams except campaigning applies to a much broader scale.

“It’s like recruiting on steroids,” he said. “It’s going all the time.”

In between the football stories, Tuberville discussed national policy topics like immigration reform and education. Tuberville, on the second day of his visit to Dothan, said he supported the workforce development initiatives local leaders are instituting in the Dothan City Schools system.

“We need workers. We’re running out of people who know how to work with their hands,” he said.

Tuberville favored immigration reform, especially since the nation struggles to take care of its veterans and other citizens.

“(Do we need) policy for us to figure out if we let in 900,000 people that we don’t know who they are and that we can’t afford?” he asked the crowd.

Tuberville also supported a return to traditional American values in several ways.

“Our country was built on God, family, and education – and we’re losing all three,” he said. “I love competition. That’s what this country is built on.”

Even though he has no political experience, Tuberville indicated his coaching background would translate to the political realm since he managed significant budgets, personnel, and about 100 18- to 22-year-olds annually.

Tuberville is one of several candidates on the Republican ticket vying for a seat held Democrat Doug Jones. The primary will be March 3, 2020.

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