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Q: Since the local landfill is closed, how can people in Dothan dispose of hazardous substances such as paint and home and yard insecticides? The landfill had a designated area to place these substances, but what are we to do now?

A: Steven Burgess, Dothan’s environmental services manager, said in an email that paint can be disposed of in the regular garbage as long as it is either dried out or solidified using sand, kitty litter, or oil dry.

“The biggest issue with any paint comes when it is in liquid form,” he wrote.

Household chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides are a little different.

Typically, an average store-bought pesticide/herbicide can be disposed of in the regular garbage. For city of Dothan customers the word “garbage” is important because it indicates materials put in the city-provided green cart.

All of the waste collected in these carts is disposed of in a certified, lined, Subtitle D landfill that is set up to take certain amounts of these questionable household wastes, Burgess wrote. It cannot go into the trash pile with limbs and grass clippings because that waste goes to a C&D landfill that is not lined.

“An important point to make is that none of these chemicals should be poured out onto the ground or in the sewers,” according to Burgess. “It is much safer to dispose of them in your garbage can rather than pour them out. It is also important to note that each case is different so people need to read the label and follow the directions for disposal.”

The city of Dothan is working to provide two waste amnesty days per year where certain items can be dropped off and properly disposed of. Burgess said he will have more details in the months to come.

Anyone with garbage/trash/recycle related questions can call the environmental services department at 334-615-3820.

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