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Q: What is the best time of day to walk for exercise?

A: While some find a morning workout a good way to start the day, others prefer the afternoon or evening.

Experts on WebMD and other websites say the most important thing is to make exercise a habit.

One routine does not fit all, or all times of year. A schedule suitable for the hot summer months might not work as well in winter.

Depending on your daily schedule and your body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm), the best time to walk is when it produces the most mental and physical benefits.

Some find it easier to stick with a morning routine because it happens before the day gets too busy, yet a brisk walk can be a great way to wind down a busy day.

Regular exercise can improve your metabolism and increase production of a protein that boosts mental acuity.

Exercising in the morning can help you burn calories faster and more efficiently throughout the day, and results in fewer food cravings. Exercising in the evening can relax your body and make it easier to sleep.

Try walking at different times of day and keeping a diary of the results to figure out what works for you.

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