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Straight-line, damaging winds and flooding could be issues for the Wiregrass area this weekend.

The Dothan/Houston County Emergency Management Agency is closely monitoring a system with rainfall that could lead to potential flooding in the Wiregrass area, said its director, Chris Judah.

According to the National Weather Service, the primary potential hazards for the area include wind damage, straight-line winds, wind gusts and flooding. Tornadoes should not be ruled out.

Rain predictions in the Wiregrass area for Saturday through Sunday mornings are roughly 1.25 inches to 1.75 inches.

“Right now, we are predicting heavy rainfall and high winds, but that could change by Saturday,” Judah said. “I urge everyone to be prepared. Have your weather radios ready and cellphones charged, and pay close attention to all your local media outlets for updates. With this system there is the possibility of severe weather, so be prepared.

“Everyone can stay up-to-date on weather situations through a weather radio or through any local media source. We also have the Code Red Program through the EMA, where residents can receive severe weather updates. For more information on signing up for our Code Red Program, visit our website at www. dothanhoustoncounty”

He also reminded everyone if a road is flooded, assume that road is closed and do not cross it.

“If there is water on the road, don’t cross it,” Judah said. “Stop, turn your vehicle around and take an alternate route.

“Also, if a road is closed by a barricade, do not move the barricade to drive through. That road is closed, and it’s closed for safety reasons.”

More help

Additional information is available on the agency’s website.

This includes tips for stocking an emergency supply kit, establishing a checklist, and designing a family emergency plan and a weather plan to follow during an emergency.

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