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Corvias’ major revamping of military housing will produce significant impacts at Fort Rucker, including the major renovation of about 100 homes in Munson Heights.

Corvias, which manages military housing at 13 different installations, announced Thursday that some partnerships will lead to a $325 million investment in housing improvements at six Army posts. The program essentially creates a major initiative to improve energy efficiency, which is expected to save $300 million during the next 30 years.

While officials have not determined the final economic investment in Fort Rucker, they have identified a large scope of the work needed at the Wiregrass installation, said Melissa Bryson, Corvias’ Fort Rucker operations director. Crews will conduct major renovations and lead-based paint removal on about 100 homes that were built in the 1950s in the Munson community, while another 550 homes in the Allen Heights area will receive major heating, ventilation, and air conditioning improvements, including energy-efficient units and duct work modifications. Officials have also authorized weatherproofing upgrades like weather stripping and sealing at the Allen Heights homes.

Crews constructed Allen Heights homes in the 1960s, and the U.S. Army commissioned a major renovation of those residences from 1997 to 2003, Bryson said.

“The goal of this program is to upgrade and modernize the base, replacing aging facilities before they breakdown,” Bryson added.

Additionally the project includes the installation of energy-efficient fixtures like LED bulbs and new thermostats at about 1,300 homes. Those efforts will begin in March.

The entire initiative will take about three years to finish and will begin this month, Bryson said. The renovations at Munson could force some residents to relocate, but those were expected to be “minimal,” she added.

The projects at the Munson and Allen Heights subdivisions will further address concerns Fort Rucker residents voiced in a February town hall about maintenance requests and general upkeep of homes, playgrounds, and landscaping, Bryson noted.

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