Duck deaths

Paula Nelson and her granddaughter Jayla Nelson feed the ducks at Emerald Lake on Tuesday afternoon.

For several years, residents living in Northside subdivision have grown accustomed to being greeted by the many ducks and geese that reside in the neighborhood’s Emerald Lake. However, over the weekend instead of seeing several ducks waiting to be fed, many residents were greeted by dead ducks and geese near the lake area.

Dothan Police received multiple calls from residents in the neighborhood about several dead ducks and geese found near the lake.

“We are currently looking into this situation,” Dothan Police Lt. Scott Owens said. “We have had a few residents believe the animals were poisoned, but the water in the lake has been tested in the past, and no chemicals were found in the water. We have also received information regarding a fox being seen in the area of the lake, so the possibility of the ducks and geese being harmed by another animal does exist.”

According to Owens, police are working with other agencies that specialize in wildlife situations.

“We are also depending heavily on the residents of the subdivision,” Owens said. “The residents are very familiar with the animals. Many of residents feed the ducks and geese like they are pets, so we are asking residents to keep an eye out. If they notice anything or anyone suspicious around the lake area, they are asked to give us a call.

“Rest assured every agency that needs to know about this situation has been notified, and we are all working together to determine what occurred to the animals and we are also working to find the best way to prevent this from occurring again in the future.”

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