Hurricane Michael aftermath

Dothan damage

The following power restoration update was provided by Dothan Utilities Monday morning:

Work continues in the Garden District area. The main areas of concentration today include the NW service area from RCC to Montana and from Main Street to Montgomery Highway. even though there have been partial restorations throughout this area already. There are still small, scattered outages throughout the service area, which continue to be worked with service trucks.

Six electric crews continue work with four mutual aid crews from Riviera, Opelika, Sheffield, and Cullman. Additional support continues providing essential tree cutting efforts by the Public Works Street Department, Dothan Utilities Water and Sewer crews, and Dothan Utilities contract tree cutting crews (Asplundh).

Night shift worked tap up (homes where lines were removed in order to make necessary repairs) and disconnect list for smaller, individual outages.



  • Continued assessments and worked tap up list (Headland, Montclair, S. Oates).


  • Worked tap up list (Rosemont, Charlton, Hodgesville, Mayo).

Mitch/Christian & Danny/Traylor:

  • Worked tap up list (Stonebridge, Woods, Randolph, Pine St., Nottingham, Orange, Rosemont).

Jason/Brian & Hank/Jesse:

  • Continued assessments in the areas of Charlton, Hiawatha, Hedstrom, Catalpa, Marquette, Herring.

James/Mark & Jason/Lee:

  • Continued working tap up and disconnect list (Charlton, Blumberg, Plaza Dr., Sherwood).


  • Working tap up and disconnect list.

Public Works, DU Crews and Asplundh (Tree-Cutting Efforts)

  • 08-27 and 08-25, inside RCC-all crews worked and will continue.
  • Garden District area worked and will continue.
  • Miscellaneous tree areas worked and will continue.

Service trucks continue to work on customer transformers, service taps, and service cuts in smaller, individual areas in efforts to restore service with great effort and will continue.

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