Parker, Austin, Blake, Raylan, Jonas, Keith, Lance, Mako, Hagan, Eric, Brian, Landon (father), Drew, Matthew (grandfather), Cory, Evan, Cobey, Brent, and Gunner pose with Milbrey (at center), the first Morgan girl.

Around 65 years ago, a son was born to Matthew Morgan of Brantley. Then, he fathered three more. To those four sons, nine successive boys were born — a statistical anomaly. And then, a miracle.

When Milbrey Elizabeth Morgan was born three weeks early on July 15, she was already one in a million. With her first breath, she popped the bubble on what had become a bizarre family kismet persisting over a half-century.

When first-time parents Landon and Leeza Morgan first discovered they were having a girl at a gender-reveal party, they were overjoyed — but remained skeptical.

“It shocked me; it really did,” Landon Morgan said. “When the pink balloons popped out, it was really shocking.”

Dr. Scott Gilchrist, the couple’s OB-GYN at Aventa Specialized Women’s Care in Dothan, found their disbelief amusing, but assured them that the sonographer’s determination of the baby’s gender was accurate using 4D ultrasound imaging.

Still, the Morgan family was not fully convinced, in part because they had been misled before by an ultrasound technician who told Landon’s parents that he would be a girl. They bought a door hanger and pink, girly attire and clothes only to discover Landon was actually a boy upon arrival.

“We both just thought boy; we didn’t think we were having a girl,” Leeza Morgan said about their thoughts while planning to have a baby. “It was funny because Landon had a dream we were having a girl and that we named her Milbrey and the name just kind of stuck, so we were surprised to say the least.”

Both would have been happy to have a boy or a girl, but Landon said he secretly wanted a girl to be the first in his family to do so and fulfill a sort of prophecy.

“There was a bunch of talk because we go to church together and we see each other a lot. I’ve been told throughout my life that I was going to be the one to have a baby girl,” Landon said. “I don’t know why, but they always said that I was going to be the one to break the mold.”

On the big day, members of the Morgan family filled the waiting room at Flowers Hospital, anxiously anticipating the arrival of the first girl born in their lineage in three generations.

Gilchrist was unaware of the family history and was perplexed by the degree of excitement.

“It’s when they were in the hospital, I encountered a lot of their family. Everyone just seemed off-the-chart excited, which was really fun,” he said. “But, I finally realized it was something pretty special, so that’s when I asked one of the family members, who told me.”

The family members in and out of the delivery room were holding their breath until Gilchrist delivered a healthy, 7-pound, 1-ounce baby girl.

“It wasn’t until we held the baby up that everyone was going nuts,” he said. “It was a mixture of excitement and disbelief.”

Gilchrist, who has delivered around 8,000 babies, said he’s never seen anything like it, but he was excited to be a part of it.

“To have a healthy baby was a blessing. To have a girl, it was amazing,” Landon said. “Everyone wanted to come see her. It was overwhelming. She’s going to be protected and spoiled and loved. That’s for sure.”

Milbrey’s first Thanksgiving was with her family, including 19 men and boys who joined the Morgan heritage before her, and two female cousins who arrived shortly afterward.

This Thanksgiving, many people sat around the dinner table enjoying the company of loved ones and mulling over all they had to be thankful for.

The Morgan family counted four blessings especially dear to their hearts this Thanksgiving: the end of a decades-long legacy and three new baby girls who flipped the script.

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