The Haven

The Haven

SpectraCare Health Services’ Haven is the only crisis residential treatment facility south of Birmingham with beds for women and men, and it just got new digs.

“The old Haven was a pretty dated facility in need of several major repairs,” Director of Community Programs Ebony Crews said. “However, with community support, we’ve been able to build a newer facility down the road. An added benefit is we increased the number of beds we have so we can serve a higher capacity.”

The old facility, a large house and adjacent building up a hill on John D. Odom Road, could only serve about 20 people at a time. The new adjacent set of buildings located down the road can serve 16 males and 16 females at a given time.

The old building was recently demolished.

Haven, Spectracare’s substance abuse program, assists roughly 500 patients a year with short-term residential treatment and counseling. Because it is the only women’s rehabilitation center in south Alabama, it caters to women across the state.

Crews said there is a waiting list for housing, but priority is given to pregnant women, women with dependent children, and people with intravenous (IV) drug use disorders.

The board of directors worked in partnership with the Wiregrass Foundation, which gave SpectraCare a $750,000 grant, and a contract with Engineered Systems to build the structures.

Haven is a non-profit organization that receives some state funding, and takes insurance for those who have it.

SpectraCare’s assistance does not end there. It helps patients with aftercare by identifying resources that help them to return to the community after treatment and intensive outpatient programs.

“We work with them to promote recovery and in identifying places to live, which might be a halfway house, depending on the needs of a person,” Crews said.

If anyone is in need of substance abuse services, they can contact the care department at 1-800-951- (HELP).

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