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According to a recent survey by Hitchcock Farms, a family-owned produce grower and distributor, two in three Alabamians can’t identify everyday fruits and vegetables.

The survey, which shows respondents images of fruits and vegetables, indicated just more than a third (38%) of Alabama residents could correctly identify the fruits and vegetables shown to them. Wyoming residents scored the highest (72.9%) while Kentucky residents scored the lowest (20.9%).

The survey results found that two-thirds of respondents didn’t know that pineapples grow from the ground. Around 18.2% thought they grew in bushes and 44.1% believed they hung from trees. Nearly a quarter of respondents admitted to not knowing that a kumquat is even a fruit, with 12.5% believing it to be a yoga position. About 3.8% thought a kumquat was an Australian marsupial; another 3.8% thought it was a star constellation; and 2.9% of respondents actually thought it was a type of exercise squat.

Think you can help increase Alabama’s score? Take the quiz below.

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