Texas Tech meteorological researchers need Wiregrass landowners’ assistance in a tornado research project slated to launch next fall.

The team of researchers has selected six Wiregrass counties — Dale, Henry, Houston, and Geneva in Alabama, and Clay and Early in Georgia — for a project that tracks information related to tornadoes that develop inside squall lines. The project involves the deployment of Texas Tech’s “StickNet” network of small meteorological stations that measure wind speeds, barometric pressure, relative humidity and wind direction.

Combined with other meteorological devices, the information gathered from the StickNet devices could provide valuable new insight to tornadoes related to squall lines.

The StickNet devices rest on tripods and stand about 7 feet tall. Researchers want to deploy the stations about two days before an anticipated storm event and then collect them shortly after the weather system passes.

Since the stations would be deployed for a few days at a time, researchers are seeking permission from local landowners to use their properties for the project. The research efforts would last a couple of tornado seasons.

The local initiative continues similar work that has occurred in northern Alabama.

Those interested in assisting the project should contact Texas Tech professor Dr. Christopher Weiss at chris.weiss@ttu.edu.

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