Staff Sgt. Bryan McQueen

Staff Sgt. Bryan McQueen

A local soldier from Geneva was injured in an Afghanistan attack, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Staff Sgt. Bryan McQueen posted on his Facebook page he had minor bruising on the brain, but all the blood from first CT scan is gone. He also stated he is expected to arrive at home on medical leave next week.

McQueen’s base station is Fort Benning Army Base. After arriving at his base station he will spend time with his wife and children before traveling to Geneva to spend time with his parents, grandparents, and extended family members.

“First of all we are honoring Bryan’s request of spending time with his wife and children,” said McQueen’s grandmother, Margaret Mixon. “Bryan has a five-month old child he has not even seen yet. After he spends time with his wife and children, he plans to visit his family here in Geneva. Of course, our plans include the family gathering together to celebrate Bryan’s safe return.”

Aaron McQueen, Bryan’s wife, is patiently counting down the days until her husband is back safe and sound with his family.

“I am still in shock,” said Aaron McQueen. “I was not expecting to hear bad news about Bryan. He is an excellent soldier and I thought the news would be about another soldier, but it wasn’t. At first, I did not know how bad he was hurt. I was scared to death, but I was also thankful. At least I knew he was alive.”

As McQueen learned more about her husband’s condition she knew prayers had gone up and they had been heard by the Lord.

“I am a strong believer in the power of prayer, we both are,” McQueen said. “I know without any doubts, prayer is what saved my husband. Prayer is what is allowing our children to see their daddy. I want to thank everyone for the prayers they have prayed for our family, thank you.”

McQueen’s mother, Renae Spurlock, is also excited about her son’s visit in the near future. But, most importantly she is grateful God had his hand on Bryan during the attack.

“I received a call no parent every wants to get about their child,” Spurlock said. “At first, I didn’t know if Bryan was OK, I just knew he had been shot. I screamed, I yelled and I prayed to God. I know God had his hand on Bryan that day because he is still here.”

McQueen is known to his family and friends as just a good old country boy. He is a graduate of Geneva High School where he played football. During his spare time before joining the military he spent hours and hours enjoying the great outdoors by hunting. McQueen is currently in his second tour and has served in the Army for the past seven years.

“Bryan is not someone who likes to be in the spotlight,” Spurlock said. “He has always been the kind of person who is always looking after someone else. He will also be the first to tell you the hero in this situation and the one that should be honored is fellow military brother Sgt. Maj. Timothy Bolyard. He made the ultimate sacrifice. But my son is also a hero to me, and to others. He is fighting for us and for our freedom. I know Bryan wants everyone to remember his brother Timothy and his family at this time. So, I ask everyone to please pray for his family.”

The McQueen’s family wishes to thank the Geneva community for their love, thoughts and prayers, Bryan and his family have received since the incident.

“The support we have all received is amazing,” Spurlock said. “The prayers that our family has received, well I’m speechless and humbled. I just can’t thank everyone enough for keeping our family in their thoughts and prayers.”

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