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Do you know whom you’re voting for March 3?

If not, you might want to check your county’s sample ballot for the 2020 primary election. Alabama’s Office of the Secretary of State recently released the ballots to help prepare voters for the polls.

The primary election is an opportunity for voters to elect whom they want to run for their respective parties for the general election in November.

Alabama voters also will be able to vote on Amendment 1, or Act No. 2019-345.

The amendment does several things. First, it renames the State Board of Education the “Alabama Commission on Elementary and Secondary Education” and provides that commission members are appointed, for up to two terms, by the governor and confirmed by the Senate rather than elected by the public. Second, it changes the title of the top public education official in the state from state superintendent to secretary of elementary and secondary education and provides that this official’s appointment would be confirmed by the Senate. Third, it requires the commission to adopt education standards in place of Common Core. Last, it authorizes the governor to appoint a team of local educators and other officials to advise the commission on matters relating to the functioning and duties of the state Department of Education.

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