Car insurance in Alabama

The state of Alabama is increasing fines for drivers who let their car insurance lapse for even a single day.

During a work session of the Cleburne County Commission on Monday night, Ryan Robertson, probate judge and commission chairman, informed those in attendance that the state is getting tough on motorists who let their insurance lapse.

According to reports, Robertson said the fine for insurance coverage lapse, even one day late, is $200.

“We of course have to administer that and we get 15 percent, which is $30 ... it takes up time and people who switch from Progressive to Geico or Geico to Progressive, sometimes they will lose a day and it costs them an extra $200 and these people are mad at me,” said Robertson.

He said that the $200 per vehicle fine is a “little steep,” especially for individuals who own multiple vehicles.

If the vehicle was parked and not being driven there was a lot more leniency and the probate office, “could almost take their word for it,” he said.

“It’s just a mess. We can explain all day long, ‘Hey, this is the state,’ but they’re looking at me,” he said.

Robertson said he hopes to put the new stringent insurance requirements on the county website to alert motorists.

“Today a customer had to pay $400,” Robertson said.

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