Hope Johnson

Hope Johnson was a student in 2014 when she passed away after being seen at Auburn Urgent Care. Her family won a lawsuit for $9 million. 

OPELIKA - Hope Johnson was a student at Auburn University when she visited the Auburn Urgent Care clinic and was sent home with an inhaler. The next day, she passed away.

Johnson’s 2014 death led to a lawsuit and a $9 million wrongful death medical malpractice verdict awarded to her family against Auburn Urgent Care, according to a release by Cory Watson Attorneys.

Johnson visited the urgent care clinic in December 2014 with mild symptoms and was sent home with an antibiotic. When she returned, feeling much worse a couple of days later, she saw a physician who had just started at the clinic.

The doctor sent her home with an inhaler to help with her symptoms, said the release.

After Johnson passed away the next day, with blood clots in her lungs, the family decided to take action.

“We are very pleased with the jury decision in the wrongful death case of our precious daughter Hope,” said a statement from the Johnson family. “We continue to feel her absence every day and pray this decision brings about much-needed change.

“Our chief desire is that this case will set a precedent that will prevent this from happening to another family or college student, not just in Lee County, but in Alabama as a whole.”

The family was represented in court by Leila Watson and Nina Herring, with Cory Watson Attorneys, and Brett Turnbull, of Turnbull Law Firm.

“Hope’s death is tragic because it was entirely preventable,” Turnbull said. “We don’t know the exact number of patients seen that day, but it was too many. Patient well-being, not profits, should be the primary goal of healthcare.”

The verdict was released on Oct. 11.

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