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The eClip is a small device developed by a baby gadget company with the intention of preventing tragic hot car deaths of children.

The device pairs with a smartphone to help remind adults that a baby is in the backseat. It prevents something called Forgotten Baby Syndrome, or FBS, reports say.

“However hard it is for you to understand, or to even accept, it is a problem,” says Michael Braunold.

Michael Braunold, CEO of Elepho, Inc., said it usually affects first-time parents juggling all the responsibilities that come with a newborn.

“Especially a young child, not communicating, probably sleeping. Possibly the seat is turned the other way around as it is by law in many states, by which you can’t have it front-facing so you don’t actually see the child. You get involved in a phone call possibly from work, you’re totally engrossed in that call and you forget about everything else.”

FBS is that mindset many refer to as “autopilot." You get from point A to point B and any changes in that routine can result in disaster.

“There have been a number of cases, unfortunately a high number of cases where in fact people have driven to work, not realizing or forgetting the fact that they had to drop their child off at the daycare center on the way.”

“If you walk approximately 25 feet from the car, even if you’re on the phone, an alert will break into your call and say please check your child, please check that you’ve got your child with you.”

“And you’re exhausted, you’re sometimes sleep deprived, I mean there are the ingredients for these things to happen, and once again, to good, loving parents," says Braunold.

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