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Judgment delayed in Ashford teachers’ case

The Houston County School Board voted Monday night to delay a decision on several Ashford High School teachers who are embroiled in a group message controversy that resulted in the teachers being put on administrative leave in mid November. Read more

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Michael Vick will be honored at the Pro Bowl. Thousands signed petitions demanding a change.

The former quarterback, who served time in prison for his role in a dogfighting enterprise, was named an honorary captain for the game next month. Read more


Merriam-Webster declares 'they' its 2019 word of the year. Here's why.

The language mavens at Merriam-Webster have declared the personal pronoun their word of the year based on a 313 percent increase in look-ups on the company's search site,, this year when compared with 2018. Read more


Reindeer are starving in Sweden's Arctic as ice coats snow

"If we don't find better areas for them where they can graze and find food, then the reindeers will starve to death," he said. Read more


Today's top pics: The latest from impeachment hearings; Australia wildfires; and more

Today's top pics as selected by The Associated Press: Read more

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