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Mistaken text from a stranger leads Arizona man to raise money for sick boy

“So ... I was texted by a wrong number. I decided to mess with them, now I’m obligated to them,” the man wrote on Facebook. Read more

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At half-ruined Puerto Rico base, hurricane recovery funds pulled for Mexican border wall

Pentagon diverts hundreds of millions allocated by Congress for restoration of Camp Santiago to construction of barriers on southern border under emergency authorities. Read more

Photos: Hundreds of water rescues as Imelda floods parts of Texas

HOUSTON (AP) — Rain from Tropical Depression Imelda was still deluging parts of Texas and Louisiana on Thursday. Forecasters warned of life-threatening flash floods as an additional five to 10 inches falls through Friday, and predicted even "25 to 3… Read more

Review: Nintendo's new Switch Lite is the most comfortable handheld gaming device ever

Comfortable and capable, the Switch Lite is the definitive Nintendo handheld device. Read more

The best (and worst) movies adapted from TV shows

To celebrate the release of “Downton Abbey,” we took a look at some of the best and worst TV shows to make the jump to the big screen, as well as a few upcoming adaptations. Read more

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