Warren Reynolds, who died Sunday in Dothan, left big footprints in his storied past.

In his youth, he was among Dothan’s basketball greats, commanding the hardwood at the city’s Carver High School as part of the school’s legendary “10 Tall Men.” He took his innate talents to Tuskegee University in the 1950s, excelling as a standout player in three sports, before embarking on a celebrated career as basketball coach, first at Macon, Georgia’s Ballard-Hudson High School, and then at North Carolina A&T University.

He returned to Dothan in the 1980s in retirement, but didn’t remain idle. He returned to the gymnasium as an assistant basketball coach at Northview for several years, and then applied his guidance by mentoring young people as a volunteer at an after-school program at Andrew Belle Community Center, a stone’s throw from the site of Carver High where the 10 Tall Men wrote their athletic history.

Last summer, he was inducted into the Wiregrass Sports Hall of Fame; 20 years earlier, he was tapped into the Tuskegee Athletic Hall of Fame.

Reynolds will be remembered as an extraordinary athlete by one generation, and as a revered coach, teacher, and mentor by subsequent generations.

We’d call that a life well-lived.

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