First-time job seekers soon become all too familiar with the Catch-22 of the employment search. How does one hope to nail down a job in an interview when one has no experience interviewing?

That dilemma isn’t lost on some local Rotary Club members, who went out of their way this week to make a difference for a group of Troy University Dothan students.

Randy Hurst, a financial adviser at Edward Jones investments in Dothan, and two other members of Dothan Tuesday Rotary Club set up mock job interviews, giving 11 students an opportunity to experience the interview process firsthand.

Consider it a priceless exercise. Rotary members include professionals from a wide array of businesses, and because the mock interviews took place during the organization’s weekly meeting, the club was able to look on and then offer feedback to the interviewees.

Certainly the students will be far better prepared to present themselves when they begin their own job searches. Rotary Club members should consider continuing the process in one form or another.

We commend Hurst and his club colleagues for the initiative, which epitomizes the Rotary motto, “Service Above Self.”

Well done, Rotarians.

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