With the regular session of the Alabama Legislature coming up in a few weeks, state lawmakers should be well into research on strategies to address some of our state’s most intractable problems, such as funding for necessary programs, the quality of education in our schools, challenges in our corrections system, Medicaid, infrastructure — the list could go on and on.

Some measures are already being touted. For instance, a Mobile House member, Chris Pringle, is sponsoring a bill to prohibit transgender students trying to play on school sports teams that don’t align with their biological gender.

It’s difficult to imagine that such a scenario is so pervasive that it would require a legislative remedy. Statistics vary in the minute end of the scale, but it appears reasonable that the number of people identifying as transgender is roughly under 0.3 percent of the population. Distilled by age, public school attendance, and likelihood of interest in school athletics, the potential for conflict is likely extraordinarily low, if it exists at all.

Lawmakers should ensure that this measure wastes as little legislative time as possible so that the deliberative body can spend its time working to address far more weighty and quantifiable challenges.

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