Ross Clark Circle expansion

A portion of Ross Clark Circle between Bauman Drive and Fortner Street was widened in 2015 in conjunction with a new bridge construction

Some area motorists may have already taken care of this, and it may top the to-do list of others because it’s a holiday weekend, but here’s a reminder that the gasoline you put off purchasing today will cost a bit more beginning Sunday.

Sept. 1 marks the application of Alabama’s new 6 cents per gallon gasoline tax hike, which will likely be more of an irritant than a hardship for the average motorist, adding a dollar or so to the cost of filling the tank of the average vehicle.

Each penny represents $32 million in revenue for the state of Alabama to augment its existing budget to build and maintain roads and bridges in the state. That’s important and necessary work that’s underscored by a recent controversy in Mobile and Baldwin counties.

Some officials have been strong advocates of a toll system that would help fund construction of a multibillion-dollar bridge in Mobile. However, estimates of tolls that would come to roughly $6 per one-way trip prompted officials to scuttle the plan, killing the bridge project.

Loud public outcry is expected after motorists experience sticker-shock Sunday. A bit of perspective might ease the pain.

Although some Democratic presidential hopefuls might suggest otherwise, nothing is free.

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