The city of Tuscaloosa is considering a new weekday curfew for minors that officials hope would reduce youngsters’ urge to skip school by fining their parents.

Let’s hope it’s an idea that doesn’t catch on.

There must be a better way to reduce absenteeism in schools than creating another law. Whether a new curfew that would make it illegal for unaccompanied minors to be in public from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. would have the intended effect is anyone’s guess. But a law is only as good as its enforcement, and that job would go to local police, who already have enough on their plate.

Education is compulsory in Alabama for minors to a certain age, meaning there is already a law requiring youngsters to be in school. The onus of following up on absent students should be on the schools they’re supposed to attend.

Municipal police departments are expected to enforce the laws established by governing bodies. But there is surely a better tool to address chronic absenteeism than the city’s crime-fighting force.

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