Miracle playground


Children climb a fixture at Westgate Park’s Miracle playground Monday.

There’s little doubt that the jewels in Dothan’s crown are the city’s recreational offerings. Over the years, Dothan has built outstanding facilities that benefit residents and attract visitors for tournament play -- baseball and softball complexes, a top-flight tennis center, even a BMX track. There’s a Miracle Playground designed for youngsters with physical or developmental challenges, and throughout the city are static parks and larger parks with facilities for league play and swimming.

Some residents occasionally grumble about the lack of other amenities, complaining that the city isn’t interested in development if it isn’t a ball park. That’s unfair; in recent years, the city played a role in the creation of two new libraries, and has made a great deal of improvements in the downtown area.

There are road improvements under way, which will ease traffic flow in some parts of the city, and an ongoing improvement project on the Ross Clark Circle should prepare our community for anticipated growth. A costly upgrade to the city’s wastewater system is largely “out of sight, out of mind,” but trust us when we say those improvements are well worth the cost.

Recently, city officials reviewed some long-term plans that include renovations and upkeep to the Miracle playground, updating Water World, and consideration of creating a skate park. Nothing is set in stone, but the ideas are flowing.

We’re excited about the potential for even better amenities in our city, and we applaud our officials’ willingness to look to the future and plan accordingly, both in maintenance and innovation.

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