Judging by the proliferation of restaurants in the city, and the scores of people who usually crowd into them in non-pandemic times, the question “do you know where your next meal is coming from?” may as well be stated as “Mexican or seafood?”

Many area residents may be surprised to learn that in Dothan City Schools, almost 72 percent of the entire student enrollment qualifies for the Child Nutrition Program’s free or reduced lunch. That suggests that there are far too many children in our city for whom that question, particularly when school is not in session, is quite literal — they may well not know where their next meal will come from.

This week, the school system’s CNP and Wiregrass Foundation launched a food bus that will answer that question for hundreds of youngsters. The bus will travel to eight locations in the city to provide two meals for children under 18 four days a week.

It’s a tremendous initiative, and the CNP and Wiregrass Foundation deserve commendation for the innovative approach to address the intractable challenge of hunger in our area.

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