In 1967 – 52 years ago – college senior Kay Ivey participated in a school skit that involved her wearing blackface and scrounging around for cigar butts with a classmate.

Today, she’s the governor of the state of Alabama, and doesn’t remember the amateur production. But someone did, and now the story is in the news, with some government and NAACP officials calling for the 74-year-old governor to resign.

Ivey said she has no plans to resign over the flap – and she shouldn’t. It was a lapse in judgment, and in poor taste, and has been amplified by the passage of time and an overdue awakening to just how offensive such hijinks can be.

Few people can look back on their formative years without cringing at the memory of regrettable incidents of their own, and none would want to be judged as adults by the transgressions of their youth.

Her reaction to the controversy today is a greater indicator of the governor’s character. She acknowledged that she shouldn’t have done it, and has apologized for the offense.

It’s best to put the matter to rest and move on to challenges facing our state.

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