Alabama’s coronavirus cases have risen to 28 (as of Monday afternoon), and the last several days have seen a rapid response throughout the state. Schools have closed, businesses have curtailed hours to allow for restocking and cleaning, and — most significantly — houses of worship have shut their doors and directed congregations to worship via online broadcasts.

The disruption in our daily routines is exacerbating concern for many people — not particularly over fear of contracting coronavirus, but because of the uncertainty of what’s to come. And there will almost certainly be more to come.

We’re warned that the disruption will get worse before it gets better. Health officials are concerned that the number of those falling ill will overrun the facilities necessary to treat them. However, there’s a strong belief that the drastic measures being undertaken to reduce the likelihood of transmission will mitigate the severity of the crisis and spread out the effect of the pandemic to a more manageable level.

We urge residents to exercise patience with regard to the upsetting changes in our daily lives, keep a safe distance of at least six feet from others in public, avoid crowds, and take the usual precautions if you’re feeling ill.

We would add that the inevitable decline in business during this time will be felt deeply by local-owned businesses and restaurants, and urge residents who may venture out for goods, services, or food to remember our home-owned operations.

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