Four years ago, the former speaker of the Alabama House, Mike Hubbard of Auburn, was convicted on numerous felony charges of public corruption and sentenced to four years in prison. Since then, he has been free, filing appeal after appeal. In April, the Alabama Supreme Court upheld most of his convictions. He remains free today, having asked the state’s high court to reconsider its decision.

This week, the Auburn City Council voted to rename a .04-mile divided roadway bearing the disgraced politician’s name from Mike Hubbard Boulevard to Bent Creek Road.

Like Hubbard’s imminent prison sentence, it’s long overdue.

Betrayal of public trust by elected officials is a slap in the face of the electorate, and should be treated as such. In a just world, public corruption would carry sentencing enhancement, as does selling drugs near a church or school.

For four years since his conviction, Hubbard’s name above a public street has been a constant reminder of that betrayal.

Auburn officials have finally taken an appropriate step. The high court should do the same, and order the disgraced politician to serve his sentence.

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