Even the most patient Dothan motorist will get frustrated by traffic occasionally, and the congestion along the inbound easterly lanes of U.S. 84 is a case in point. (Relax, the sewerage upgrade work should be completed soon, with a respite before road construction).

But if you believe the transportation infrastructure is flung together haphazardly, without thought or foresight, you’re wrong. When it’s bad — especially when it’s bad — be assured it could be much worse.

In recent weeks, parents who have experienced the traffic around school zones have expressed some dissatisfaction with city transportation officials. But as we learn in reporter Sable Riley’s story in today’s edition, a great deal of thought has been put into ingress and egress from schools, approaching roadways, and particularly, the school system’s bus fleet and route design.

We’re impressed by the detail put into the planning, and the involvement of experts from several disciplines and entities to ensure that the process is efficient and, above all, safe.

We applaud the men and women who have created what can best be described as a work in progress – as time goes on, they’ll monitor the process and make adjustments where necessary.

Meanwhile, if you believe it’s not working to your satisfaction, consider how much worse it could be had no changes been made.

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