All of a sudden President Trump has a golden opportunity to pull off a "Hoover Maneuver," like when President Herbert Hoover had our "heroes" — Gen.Douglas MacArthur, his aide, Dwight D. Eisenhower , and George S. Patton — to run the WWI veterans’ "Bonus Army" away from the US Capitol, and burn them out from their cardboard shacks where white and black vets were camped out in harmony at Anacostia, Virginia, in the summer of 1932.

Hoover was voted out the following November.

Because of the raging depression, the Bonus Army vets were asking for their promised reparations for their loss of income during their 18 months of slogging through the mud and blood of trench warfare in France. The law said they would receive it in 1945, and the US House voted to give it to them early, but the "honorable" US Senators voted overwhelmingly against it. Most of the vets refused to leave. Whole families were burned out. Some vets were shot, and many were poked with glorious federal bayonets.

So, today, Trump can be a one-term POTUS, and be vilified by not just half the country, by pulling off a "Hoover Maneuver" and siding with gun-grabbing Communist freaks that have taken over the Virginia Commonwealth government.

Joe Fondren


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