On April 19 at about 2 a.m. during the storms, I lost power to my house. I reported it immediately. The next morning I went out to assess what had happened and a crew had already been there to see if it could be fixed easily, but a tree had fallen across power lines and snapped a power pole in thirds, downing all the lines with it.

The Pea River Electric linemen had already secured the lines and were back on Tuesday with a bulldozer and chainsaws to clean up the mess. On Wednesday, they were back again to put in a new pole and transformer and to string new lines across the street to reestablish power to my house.

I find this to be incredible that they could get power restored and life back to normal so quickly in the face of all the damage suffered throughout the region. The reason for this note is to say thanks; your hard work and dedication is recognized. You linemen may not know how much you are appreciated, but those of us who have been the beneficiary of your professionalism owe our gratitude to you.

Edward Hughes


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