It seems to me that the USA is perhaps one of the largest businesses on the planet. And, because we tolerated eight years of mitigated destruction of this business, we elected a new CEO to straighten out the mess, someone with a business background instead of a lifetime of living off the public dole. During his tenure, he became aware of some skullduggery having occurred in the past. Seems the son of one of the directors in the company was involved in a deal with another company that was paying him exorbitant amounts of money for being who he was — something like $3.1 million, according to the records the other company has produced. The other company got wind of the situation and was looking into it so daddy got perturbed and threatened to withhold a billion or so in assistance funding unless the “investigation” was terminated. He even bragged about it ON TAPE.

So, along comes our new CEO at a later date and inquires about the status of the aborted investigation. Some idiot listening in on the conversation, who hates the new CEO for who he is, not for what he has done, decides to go public with his opinion and the mainstream media eats it up! Interestingly, the new CEO was doing exactly what we hired him to do — clean up the mess. To satisfy some of the early statements made by the haters, the CEO even released a transcript of the conversation. No “something for something.” But that wasn’t enough.

Now we have a group of CEO haters presenting selected persons on TV to express their opinins about what the new CEO supposedly did. Not one iota of proof. Just opinions, and most of those based on what they heard someone else say. No visible witnesses. No challenging opinions allowed. They even held secret meetings to vet all opinion givers to ensure only the haters appeared on TV.

It is long past time for folks to understand where this nation is headed. Every month, over 70,000 brainwashed millennials enter the voting age. Over 50% lean heavily toward socialism, which in turn leads to communism. A lot of good people have died to keep this a free nation. I pray to God that it was not in vain.

You folks in the mainstream media like to brag about your commitment to the 1st Amendment. You obviously don’t understand that under these precepts, you have no rights. Freedom of the press is gone, along with freedom of the people.

Here’s my conundrum, if I were CEO and someone was being made wealthy by kickbacks with company money, would I be wrong in inquiring about the status of the other company’s investigation?

William Bass


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