I noticed a rough patch on my forehead toward the end of January, and because I had seen my dermatologist so much over the previous year, I thought I would wait to see him on Monday, Feb. 3, and at least be able to say that I had gotten through January without seeing him. Wrong decision on my part. On Feb. 1, I woke up with and eyelid and underneath my eye that were so swollen it looked like two balloons tied together. I called my eye doctor, Dr. Ron Sealock, and he told me to meet him at a specific time; he was at Eye Center South for a conference. I did meet him at the appointed time, where not only he, but also Dr. Sebastian Heersink came to get me. We went to Dr. Heersink’s office where he checked my eye. I was prescribed an antibiotic and told if I was concerned the next day or if it was worse to call again. I was and I did, and again both doctors met me to check out my eye. I was given an antiviral at that time.

I greatly appreciated the concern and compassion of both doctors. I have never had an emergency situation, especially not with my eyes, and I cannot say enough about how both doctors cared enough to see me on both days of the weekend.

I wanted to publicly thank Dr. Sealock and Dr. Heersink for taking the time to see me and helping my case of the shingles to not be as bad as it might have been.

Mrs. Mary Brooks


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