Once again Alabama remains on the wrong side of history. Nathaniel Woods was executed by lethal injection last Thursday for the 2004 killings of three Birmingham police officers who served an invalid warrant for his arrest at a crack house. The outrage is that the actual shooter, Kerry Spencer, sits on Death Row to await his fate. Despite calls for a stay of execution, Gov. Kay Ivey gave the order to execute Woods, despite witness account that he had surrendered to the police before they attacked him. Spencer had shot the three officers in retaliation to their attack on Woods.

For a state that prides itself on anti-abortion, its majority rule has no qualms about taking a life, particularly if it is a black or brown one or a poor white person, all with gleeful, callous quickness. They will pay a heavy price come Election Day.

The execution of Nathaniel Woods should be the rallying cry for liberals, progressives, and moderates to call for a radical, sweeping change to the status quo of this country, to change the judicial system set to benefit the wealthy, powerful and white, all the while maintain the oppression of black and brown people, as well as poor whites in America.

Living under the shroud of the current occupant in the White House, Americans are already imperiled. If this system remains in motion should The Occupant and his lackeys remain in power, this country will surely fall into ruin, with the rest of civilization to follow.

Sanford S. Williams


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