The June 24 editorial from the Boston Herald, “Free college is a disservice to all,” posits “If college is free, enrollment numbers will skyrocket and more graduates will be spat out into the workforce with near-identical resumes. That will certainly drive down wages and reduce the prospect of employment at all for many.”

At first, this seems inconsistent with the public education K-12 concept, which using that logic does the same thing, so maybe the concept would be only private education for students up to a level they can afford. Thereby disadvantaged students, regardless of circumstances, for no fault of their own, would be relegated to low-education jobs. That would be ideal for our future this century, if we believe the USA future is a manual intense industry base to compete with the rest of the world. A real waste of brain power, but that’s their fault, not ours, they just need to grab their bootstraps.

Alabama has set a goal of improving the education and skill levels of its workforce. The Alabama Works initiative under the Department of Commerce states, “The goal is to have an additional 500,000 Alabamians prepared for careers for the future by obtaining credentials, certificates, or degrees in additional to a high school diploma by 2025.”

Maybe they see a need for the future larger than your opinion.

David Geiger


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