The multiple attacks on Thanksgiving (such as the UNThanksgiving piece in the Nov. 27 Eagle [‘No thanks: Native Americans to hold 50th gathering of grief’] ) are simply another attempt at rewriting American history to make this country look as bad as possible to those who will be running it in future years.

The attack on Columbus Day is another plank in that same platform. This deconstructionist strategy is used anytime those who want to destroy the country have their way.

When the pilgrims landed, they were taking their lives in their hands, because the people on the other ships that had landed there in previous years were murdered by the local Indians and their ships were burned. Having repeatedly murdered the peaceful folk landing on that shore for years, the tribe mysteriously died, and other tribes steered clear of that area, thus the Pilgrims didn’t suffer the fate the previous shiploads did.

When William Penn was given what is now Pennsylvania by the King of England, rather than just taking the land, he bought it from the local Indians.

Then another tribe showed up saying tribe No. 1 Penn paid had run them off of that same land years earlier , and so Penn paid them, too. Then a third tribe showed up and said tribe No. 2 had run them off of that same land, and Penn paid them, too. He paid for that land three times. Much of the land that was supposedly stolen from the Indians was sold to the white man in the 1700s this way. A hundred years later, the grandchildren of the Indians who sold the land decided they wanted it back and attacked the white man.

Before the white man came to this continent, there were thousands of Indians who were routinely murdered and enslaved by other Indians. Nobody ever talks about that.

And during the Revolutionary War, the Cherokee Indians fought on the side of the British who had originally colonized the land.

When (Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de) Balboa reached the Pacific, he asked the Indians there why they called that place Malibu. Their answer was that they didn't know, because they had taken that land from a previous Indian tribe centuries earlier, and the tribe they had killed off had always called it by that name.

This rewriting of American History is destructive in the extreme — but then, those who are doing it have an agenda.

Richard McCuistian


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