The message today is that walls are a good thing. They hold up the roof. They keep out most bad elements. They define our domain and provide protection for things we hold dear. It doesn’t matter if it is a small hut, a city, or a nation. The purposes remain the same. Our nation’s CEO has achieved some success in achieving the goal of protecting our sovereignty, but it could be much easier if the hate group would get over it and participate.

Throughout recorded history, walls (and fences) have been a vital part of protecting people, places and things. Having spent years directing range operations at the Cape, I’ve seen the value of thick walls. The walls of concrete and steel for the block houses saved many lives at the pads. Walls are constructed to meet the demands placed on them. Unfortunately, it is necessary to balance cost with risk so we tend to build things that do not always withstand the fury of Mother Nature.

For those who have a hang-up with building “the wall,” but still have a remnant of faith, there are well over 200 references to “wall” and “walls” within the Bible. If you think “the wall” is an abomination, you need a refresher course on God’s plan. Revelations 21: 10-21 lays it out beautifully. The “New Jerusalem” will have four walls and 12 gates. Seems to me, if God thinks it is a good thing, why do we question the value?

The gates have tremendous value also. But, that is another element.

William Bass


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