The Dothan Eagle's Sept. 1 sales tax article does not tell the whole truth.

You give too much credit to the last sales tax increase for us having a surplus of funds at city hall. All these utility rate increases have freed up other funds and now the city has plenty of money to waste. Your article listed a bunch of projects that are dreamed up to justify spending the extra money. Watch how many people come forward during the next months with their hands out.

Your article stated most business leaders now think the tax increase was good for the economy. That goes against what they teach in schools that is that taxes are regressive and not good for the economy.

Instead of dreaming up ways to spend our tax dollars, why not look for ways to give back to Dothan citizens? For instance, if you look at your personal monthly bills -- we pay taxes and fees on everything from cable to utilities and on and on. If you think about it, we spend, depending on how much you spend, anywhere from $100 to $300 a month (not a year) in sales tax alone.

The group that passed the sales tax increase can shoulder that blame but the ones in office now are responsible for how they waste our money. I am very disappointed with some of the ones in office now.

Ken McKissack


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