My great aunt was a pioneer newspaper woman in the Midwest. I wanted to follow her example so when I went to college I immediately enrolled in the journalism classes. We began with the 5 Ws and the H and then we moved on to other areas of journalism. But when we got to the “if it bleeds it leads” instruction, I dropped journalism. I knew that I didn’t have what it would take to go up to a grieving parent, stick a microphone in their face and ask them how it felt to be notified of their child’s death.

The Dec. 31 front page headline article (above the fold) is incredibly cruel and insensitive. Yes there is the question of the law and how it applies to 16-year-old drivers, but there is also the question of propriety and compassion whether you know the family or not.

I concede that the public needs to be reminded of the Alabama Graduated Driver’s License Law but there has to be a better way to remind the public rather than splashing the picture of the accident scene on the front page and placing blame for the deaths on the girl driving the vehicle.

You came very close to losing this long-time subscriber to your overpriced paper where the journalists don’t know how to proof or use spell check. Improve your manners, Eagle. If this was your child, what would you think of this uncalled for and vulgar front page exhibit?

Judi Jay


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