After reading the letter, “Legislation and Abortion,” in the May 5 Dothan Eagle, I felt I had to respond. In the letter, the writer states, "God terminates more pregnancies than any woman or man ever thought to terminate."

While it is true that some pregnancies end in miscarriages, I do not feel that this is an "act of God." There is quite a difference in a pregnancy ending in the heartbreak of a miscarriage and in the act of taking the life through an abortion. There are tragic deaths caused by illness or an accident, but that does not make it all right for one person to end another person's life. Abortion is taking this precious life before it really has a chance to begin here on earth.

The writer also states that God is the supreme abortionist. I have always thought that God is about love, goodness, mercy, and tenderness. How can this God of love be the cause of the taking of innocent lives through abortion?

Dorothy Radeke


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