Where in this area can you go and have a safe, wholesome fun-filled time and also learn about God’s love for you at the same time?

Camp Victory, just south of Samson, is the place. Camp Victory has been doing just these things for about 60 years and tens of thousands of kids from our area have been there during the summer months. Just this past summer 1,234 campers spent a week at Camp Victory, with 506 of them being first-time campers. During the eight weeks of camp, there were 121 salvation decisions. Not many churches can boast of numbers like that.

Unfortunately the staff at Camp Victory has to turn down requests to attend camp each year because they only have so many beds and each person has to have one. They have added 14 new sleeping spaces just this past year and some additional space in the chapel. Now the need is for larger kitchen and dining hall space. The food at Camp Victory is some of the best in the world as any camper would attest to, but the dining hall is crowded and needs to be enlarged.

Plans have been provided to increase the kitchen and dining hall space and funds need to be provided to accomplish this work. Camp Victory is going to hold a fundraising dinner at Wiregrass Rehab Center on Nov. 14 at 6 p.m. Anyone who wants to receive a real blessing can attend and be a part of what God is doing at Camp Victory. Please call 334 898-7948 or email office@campvictoryal.org to secure a place at the table.

Jerome Baxley


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