Chicken litter and ‘olfactory assault’

I can’t recall a spring as bad as this one for farmers and their chicken-litter spreading. That smell — it lingers and nauseates an entire community. This can’t be a civilized thing allowed within any city limits. It is beyond disgusting.

Spreading chicken manure onto a field next to people’s homes within a city’s limits, knowing there is no rain in the forecast, without even the decency to plow it in, letting it sit there and fester in the sun and permeate the breeze, is disrespectful at best and biological warfare at worst. Here in the midst of home imprisonment under COVID-19, subjecting the good families of the Wiregrass to this olfactory assault should not be tolerated in a civilized and populated area. How on earth is this not an ordinance? When did farmers become so disrespectful to their neighbors?

I’m dumbfounded and sick to my stomach at the moment.

Nate Travers


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