The leftists always continue to provide those of us with an actual brain a constant stream of amusement. After losing the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore needed to reinvent himself. He did so by claiming that the world was being destroyed by “global warming.” He even wrote a book and a movie about the topic. The leftists suddenly became a flock of “Chicken Littles” screaming of the end of the world coming. Anyone who disagreed with them were called “anti-science.” Even after science proved that the world was not warming but actually cooling, they simply changed their allegation that the world was experiencing “climate change” and continued their hysterics even up until today. Today they often allege that the Republican Party is now the Anti-Science Party.

Nobody disagrees that climate changes; we don’t need a scientist to tell us that. How much of that change is caused by human discharge of CO2 is debatable? Further debate can be had that if human activity contributes to climate change, is there anything we can do about it? Debate can further be had that what is the cost-benefit analysis of altering human activity so as not to affect the planet. That is not being anti-science; that is being prudent and realistic.

Strangely enough, this doesn’t stop the pro-science Democratic candidates from crisscrossing the country in their private jets. Does anyone other than me remember when the environmentalist darling of Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio, loaded up his drunken friends on his private jet and zoomed to Australia so they could celebrate New Years’ Eve, then rush back home to celebrate it a second time in California? Did you know that seven hours on a private jet will leave a carbon footprint more than in the life of one of us “regular” folks?

Former President Obama just bought a $15 million home – on the beach! I thought the waters were rising. What kind of carbon footprint will be created from heating and cooling his 7,000 square-foot palace?

Jim Faust


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